Symptoms of Advanced COPD

Advanced COPD symptoms may vary with each individual. One of the most common advanced COPD symptoms is a bluish tint to the patients skin. This discoloration may include finger and toe nails, feet, hands and lips. This is most normally caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood.Another of the advanced COPD symptoms may be weight loss. The patient may gradually lose weight that they can’t regain regardless of eating a nutritious diet. A loss of appetite is a common advanced COPD symptom due to the patient having difficulty breathing while eating.

Advanced COPD symptoms tend to include possible cardiac problems because the lungs can’t provide the oxygen needed for the heart to pump properly. This causes the heart to pump harder which virtually wears it out. Patients suffering from advanced COPD symptoms that include cardiac problems may also suffer from a bluish tint to their hands and feet along with swelling in those areas.Suffering from moderate to severe headaches is a common advanced COPD symptom because of the lack of oxygen and the increased amount of carbon dioxide that the body is unable to rid itself of due to damage to the lungs. Advanced COPD symptoms may also render the patient unable to do normal activities of daily living such as bathing.The inability to sleep while lying down in a flat position is another of the common advanced COPD symptoms.

Because the lungs are not working properly the patient may feel as if they are being suffocated while lying flat. It is advisable to sleep in an upright position by either propping pillows behind the upper body or by sleeping in a reclining chair. Irritability and a feeling of fear are very common in patients suffering from advanced COPD symptoms. Medications for anxiety can be helpful in these situations. The patient’s physician should be advised if these symptoms are present in order to help the patient feel more comfortable.

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